Phil’s CashSaver, located at 30th& Ames St., takes a unique approach to selling groceries. Phil’s is a full grocery store and everything is sold at cost, plus 10% added at the register. All prices are highlighted on the receipt, and Phil’s carries all the major brands you are used to seeing.

Phil’s adopted this approach to pricing because we are committed to the community and want to keep food costs as low as possible. A few years ago, we entered a partnership with Cooper Village Memorial Farms, part of the Omaha Home for Boy, to sell fresh produce grown on the farm in our store. When we heard about their efforts to farm fresh produce, right in our own neighborhood, we knew we wanted to learn more.

Cooper Village Memorial Farms provides behavioral health and child welfare services to youth in need. Approximately 20 youth live in the residential treatment facilities located on Mormon Bridge Road. Included in their programming is an on-campus “job” for each of the residents. One option is the help with farming efforts on the campus which includes caring for farm animals including cows and chickens and tending to the extensive garden.

Under the guidance of Scott Yahnke, the boys assist with the planting and maintaining of the extensive variety of crops grown on the farm – everything from tomatoes, peppers, and corn, to collard greens, turnips, radishes, sweet potatoes, cabbage and much more.

Produce grown on the farm is used in the dining room for healthy meals and on-campus cooking classes incorporate the produce to encourage a healthy lifestyle and appreciation for fresh foods. Produce grown on the farm is also sold to local restaurants – and Phil’s Cash Saver.

At this time, Phil’s is the only grocery store to sell produce sold on the farm, and we are proud to encourage a farm-to-table approach to providing fresh produce to the community, while helping our neighbors at Cooper Village Memorial Farms. Stop in to Phil’s – we’re located at 30th& Ames – and see the variety of fresh produce we have in stock today!